Mind Express by Jabbla

Mind Express is a Windows-based communication software developed and distributed by Jabbla.  It helps individuals who have little or no speech communicate independently using letters or symbols.  Mind Express incorporates more than 20 years of experience supporting users worldwide with cerebral palsy, autism, MS, ALS, aphasia and other conditions that impact one's ability to speak.  It incorporates the latest access technologies such as switch, eye gaze, or head mouse and is one of the most powerful solutions for individuals relying on scanning as a mode of access.  Children and Adults can use this communication software to interact with family, friends, participate in school, work, community activities and a wide range of leisure activities. Mind Express software enables an individual to excel in face-to-face conversation and it provides easy access to use remote communication tools such as email, text messaging, and WhatsApp.   Check out the Jabbla website for detailed product information. - https://www.jabbla.com/en/vocab/gateway/.

Mind Express offers a variety of ready-made AAC vocabularies. Several of the Gateway© page sets are now included as an option in the English, a UK version and German versions of Mind Express.

Gateway Features

Gateway© is one of the most efficient ready-made page AAC sets available and it is simple to learn. The ability to access vocabulary using an average of < 1.5 key selections per word is a hallmark of Gateway's organizational structure.   Gateway incorporates features such as Sentence Development Links, Semantic Power Strips and Dynamic Morphology to facilitate language development for children and enhance the efficiency of message generation for advanced communicators.

Gateway Page Sets

Gateway for Mind Express offers four user Vocabularies, each targeting a different set of user abilities and goals.  Each contains a high frequency core and fringe vocabulary relevant to the targeted population.  An associated set of theme pages, matches leisure, educational and recurring conversational needs.  

Gateway 20

Gateway 20 targets preschool and school-aged children who communicate using 1-2 word messages. They recognize symbols of nouns, verbs, and some adjectives and adverbs.  These emerging communicators have the potential to improve their expressive language abilities.  Consistency of vocabulary organization supports the principles of language acquisition through motor planning.  It contains MAIN and SCHOOL CORE pages that seamlessly link to relevant topical vocabulary without losing access to the high frequency core.  Theme pages provide activities to promote communication in educational and social settings.   Mind Express features have been integrated into this page set to support literacy development.

Gateway 40

Gateway 40 is designed to meet the needs of school-aged children who are learning to combine symbols to form multi-word messages.  These users  have the potential to learn to use word endings, articles, and prepositions and to create syntactically complex sentences.  This page set is constructed to facilitate teaching of these language features within an intervention context.  Gateway 40 may be the next logical step for children using Gateway 20 who now require a more complex vocabulary and/or have made significant gains in their expressive language performance.  Mind Express features have been integrated into this page set to support literacy development and academic performance.

Gateway 120 Developing Language (120DL)

Gateway 120 DL is designed for children acquiring language following the typical sequence of language development.  It can benefit children who are learning to combine symbols to form multi-word messages as well as those beginning to form syntactically correct sentences.  It contains HOME and SCHOOL CORE pages that seamlessly link to relevant topical vocabulary enabling active participation in the classroom.  Semantic Power Strips enable users to access related vocabulary without scrolling through pages or complex arrays.  Mind Express features have been integrated into this page set to support many advanced reading, writing, and academic tasks.

Gateway 120 Advanced Communicator (120AC)

Gateway 120 AC is designed for advanced or linguistically competent individuals needing an efficient and powerful core vocabulary to engage in routine dialogues and compete in an educational or work setting.  It is a logical next step for children using the Developing Language Vocabulary, who now require a more mature vocabulary and greater efficiency in message generation. The Advanced Communicator vocabulary incorporates Gateway's Dynamic Morphology features enabling users to rapidly create messages using an average of less than 1.2 key selections per word.  Mind Express features have been integrated into this page set to support both face-to-face and remote communication

Gateway for Mind Express comes with built-in tutorials and a set of manuals to support parents and professionals in implementing Gateway.  An Introductory Manual provides an overview of Gateway along with implementation ideas and strategies.  

How Can I Purchase Gateway© with Mind Express?

There are 3 options for purchasing Gateway with Mind Express.  

For Use on a Jabbla AAC Device

Jabbla has a range of AAC device options. options including the powerful Tellus 6.  Detailed production information can be found at: https://www.jabbla.com/en/communication-devices/.   The Gateway vocabularies can be selected for any Jabbla devices at no additional cost beyond the purchase of the device.

For Use on Any Windows Device

Gateway can be purchased as a DOCKLOCK Version of Mind Express and loaded onto any Windows-based device.  This option provides the user the full-verion of Gateway,  but does not enable the user to have access to any Mind Express features that are not a part of the Gateway vocabulary.  With this options, the Gateway Vocabulary can be customized as needed.  The cost is $390 plus any applicable taxes.  To purchase the Gateway's DOCKLOCK version, click on the following link: https://www.star-at.com/gateway-doclock-1-user-including-mind-express-5-permanent-web-license-that-only-runs-gateway/

For Use With the Full Version of Mind Express

For individuals who already own the full version of Mind Express and wish to purchase the Gateway Vocabularies, they can be downloaded from the Mind Express website https://www.mindexpress.be. The cost of Gateway as an add-on is $125.00 plus any applicable taxes.  Purchasing Gateway as a download for Mind Express is a one-time purchase and entitles you to all free updates for both Gateway and Mind Express.