Gateway for Proloquo2Go by Assistiveware

If the candidate successfully  used Gateway with a prior AAC, purchasing Gateway is an appropriate next step.  

Those new to Proloquo2Go need to consider the strengths and limitations of each program.

Proloquo2Go comes with Crescendo, a core word vocabulary.  The Crescendo Vocabulary uses a set of high frequency core verbs (e.g., have, get, put), pronouns and little words on the HOME page with links to fringe vocabulary.  These links lead to an extensive sub-categorization system for many word categories.  This not only results in more key selections, but some individuals may also find the cognitive load limits effective use of the system.  

Gateway Features

Gateway© is one of the most efficient AAC Apps available and it is simple to learn. The ability to access vocabulary using an average of < 1.5 key selections per word is a hallmark of Gateway's organizational structure.   Gateway incorporates features such as Sentence Development Links, Semantic Power Strips and Dynamic Morphology to facilitate language development for children enhance the efficiency of message generation for advanced communicators.

Gateway Vocabularies

Gateway for Proloquo2Go offers five user Vocabularies, each targeting a different set of user abilities and goals.  Each contains a high frequency core and fringe vocabulary relevant to the targeted population.  An associated set of theme pages, matches leisure, educational and recurring conversational needs.  

          (a) Child Functional is designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders who benefit from a functionally based core vocabulary that can facilitate the development of multi-word messages.  Consistency of vocabulary organization supports the principles of language acquisition through motor planning.

          (b) Teen/Adult Functional is designed for individuals with limitations in expressive language abilities, who generate multi-word messages but may have difficulty using correct word order and/or adding word endings.  There is limited built-in support for use of grammatical markers, however users have access to the full set of P2G morphology features.

          (c) Developing Language is designed for children acquiring language following the typical sequence of language development.  It can benefit children who are learning to combine symbols to form multi-word messages as well as those beginning to form syntactically correct sentences.  It contains HOME and SCHOOL CORE pages that seamlessly link to relevant topical vocabulary enabling active participation in the classroom.  Semantic Power Strips enable users to access related vocabulary without scrolling through pages or complex arrays.  

          (d) Advanced Communicator is designed for advanced or linguistically competent individuals needing an efficient and powerful core vocabulary to engage in routine dialogues and compete in an educational or work setting.  It is a logical next step for children using the Developing Language Vocabulary, who now require a more mature vocabulary and greater efficiency in message generation. Gateway's Dynamic Morphology feature enables users to rapidly create messages using an average of less than 1.2 key selections per word.  

          (e) Text is designed for literate teens and adults who seek a highly efficient text-based core vocabulary page set.  This page set replicates the contents of the Advanced Communicator.  The user must configure settings in the options menu to change the text and images setting to text only.

Gateway for Proloquo2Go comes with a comprehensive set of manuals to support parents and professionals in implementing Gateway.  An Introductory Manual provides an overview of Gateway along with implementation ideas and strategies.  Each User Vocabulary has a comprehensive manual that includes both Page Sorts and Alpha Sorts. Manuals can be downloaded from the Resources Tab

How Can I Purchase Gateway© for Proloquo2Go?

You must purchase the Proloquo2Go App before you can purchase Gateway. Once you own a copy of Proloquo2Go, follow the in-App purchase procedures listed to download the Gateway User Vocabularies.  Purchasing Gateway for Proloqu2Go is a one-time purchase and you are entitled to all free updates for both Gateway and Proloquo2Go.

To Purchase the Gateway Vocabularies

1.     Purchase the Proloquo2Go App directly from the iTunes Store.  The Cost of the Proloqu2Go App is $249.00.  Click on the link to access the iTunes Store.

2.     Once you have purchased and installed Proloquo2Go, launch the app.  The Startup Wizard will guide you through creating a user. NOTE: If you already own Proloquo2Go, you will need to create a new User.  To do so go to Options > User > Add User.  The Startup Wizard will guide you through creating a new user.

3.     At Choose Vocabulary, select the Gateway vocabulary. Tap on the cart next to Gateway to purchase the vocabulary.

4.     Log into your iTunes account and follow the on-screen prompts to finish your purchase.


The Cost of Gateway for P2G - $149.99 + tax